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This 1 day session is targeted at Testers who want to be an integral part of any Agile team and are trying to understand how testing changes when a team adopts Agile methods. The primary focus of this workshop is to help participants understand how they can make testing lean and agile. 


ABOUT THE TRAINER – Mr. Phani Bhushan 

                Phani Bhushan is an experienced Agile Coach and trainer. As a consultant at iSense Prowareness he is helping organizations to make the transition to an agile way of working. He personally believes that successful software development starts with good collaboration between business and IT people. Success starts with People who are willing to cooperate with other professions. Indeed, individuals and interactions. Agile methods like Scrum helps people to understand each other’s challenges and figure out how they can help one another in order to come up with winning solutions. He is also an expert in eXtreme Programming like TDD, BDD, Pair Programming, Automated deployment and Agile Testing. He is also a regular guest speaker at various Agile conferences like Scrum Bangalore (a quarterly open event conducted for Agile enthusiasts) and Agile-X 2011-‘The First Annual Executive Agile Conference. 


                Phani Bhushan has over 10 years of experience in IT in various roles like research, development, requirements engineering, system architecture, leading test and development teams and project management. For the last 4 years he is coaching teams to achieve all the advantages of an agile process. He has worked with a broad range of organizations from small ones that are focusing on one product to big hierarchical companies that delivers a range of products and services. Phani Bhushan has coached both collocated teams in India and distributed scrum teams located in Europe and India. Based on his broad experiences he can guide the developers, help the scrum masters, and educate the product owners and managers on the rocky transformation path to agile development. 

                After his Scrum Master certification Phani Bhushan started training teams on Scrum and agile practices. Over the years he has trained dozens of teams including developers, testers, analysts and project and line management. 

Course Content

1. What is Agile?

2. The principles that drive a successful agile process

3. Agile process and roles

4. Generally accepted agile practices from the tester viewpoint

5. Estimation and planning practices for testers

6. Proper expectations of agile

7. Potential agile testing transition issues and how to prevent them






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